Speedfol Amino Calmag SL


Speedfol Amino Calmag SL is soluble liquid fertilizer contains 33,5% amino acids, calcium and magnesium. Product focused on over-coming stress conditions at plants beside increasing resistance against some diseases.

Amino acids take very important roles at plant metabolism such as stimulating photosynthesis and controlling of stomatal opening. On the other hand, they are activator of phyto-hormones and growth substances, taking part of protein synthesis. They are also an energy source that plants can use when needed. Free amino acids contain of Speedfol Amino Calmag SL comes of vegetal origin and assures maximum nutrient complexation beside supporting plant growth and metabolism.

In addition, calcium and magnesium are two elements that are very important for plant development. They are effective on fruit formation, firmness and quality.

Speedfol Marine SL


Speedfol Marine SL is a liquid organic seaweed product strengthens with P, K, Zn, B and amino acids that focused on over-coming stress conditions at plants. Product contains high amount of auxin content increase rooting and stimulates better root development.

Seaweed extracts usage in agricultural production is not new at rural cost regions but today it is one of the important organic fertilizer supports plant development. Natural bio-stimulant compositions of seaweeds help plants to overcome both biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

**All values are w/w % unless otherwise specified.